Recommended links on Coquinaria

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Culinary history

Academy for regional gastronomy (Belgian/Dutch)
Medieval mustard
Food timeline
Gastronomie Médiévale (French)
Henriëtte Davidis Museum (German)
Medieval near and middle eastern cookbooks
Petits Propos Culinaires
Cindy Renfrow, Thousand eggs
Vegetarians in Paradise

Historical cookery books online
These renderings are often bare texts, without explanations or introductions. Before buying a printed facsimile edition, check whether the book isonline. Some printed editions are simply  reproductions of , and also without introduction or notes.

Middle Dutch cookery manuscripts
Grewe Collection
Thomas Gloning, Monumenta Culinaria et Diaetetica Historica
Janniek Kistemaker, De re coquinaria
Gregg Lindahl, Medieval and Renaissance Food
Henri Notaker, Old cooknooks and food history
Stefan's Florilegium
Marleen Willebrands, Kookhistorie
Over kookboeken uit het Midden-Oosten



Dutch Musea on food
This is not an exhaustive list. There are many small musea, often connected to a shop. Visit the site and look carefully before planning a trip around a museum, because some are not much more than a small soom added to give a holiday resort something extra

Bakkerijmuseum Bakery, Hattum
Biermuseum Beer, Alkmaar
Brouwerijmuseum Beer, Nijmegen
Graanmuseum Wheat, Roderwolde
Kaasmuseum Cheese, Alkmaar
Kruideniersmuseum Grocery, Utrecht
Landbouwmuseum Agriculture, Veenklooster
Molenmuseum Mills, Koog aan de Zaan
Mosterdmuseum Mustard, Doesburg
Pluimveemuseum Poultry, Barneveld
Theemuseum Tea, Houwerzijl
Visserijmuseum Fishing, Woudrichem
Veeteeltmuseum Cattle breeding, Beers
Verkademuseum Cookies, Zaandam
Visserijmuseum Fishing, Bruinisse
Wijnmuseum Wine, Arnhem
Zoutmuseum Salt, Delden
The Batavi (English, 4th to 6th C)

Friends and acquaintances
All kinds of sites of people I know

Lauwershof (great bed&breakfast)
Jorgos Chronis, sculptor and painter
Hannie Raessens, artist
Engelien Scholtes, translator English/Dutch
Scott Holloway, painter

Sites I like
To 'like' doesn't necessarily mean on Facebook. These are just sites I like.

Simon's Cat (especially the movies!)


Gianni's North Beach

Kitchen gardening

Allotment Vegetable Growing

Food and health

Well-being Secrets (lots of information on all kinds of superfood)