Traditional Game Sauce

Made with leftover meat from home made game stock

When you have made a concentrated game stock, you can sometimes save enough meat from the bones to make a tasty sauce. I had six kilo (twelve pounds) bones of hare and deer. When I had strained the stock I had almost one kilo of cooked meat. Being Dutch, I wouldn't think of throwing that away. It was too much to feed it all to the cats, so I made this delicious pepper sauce with it.
However, to get that leftover meat, you'll have to pick over the bones very carefully after having strained the stock. The gristle has become quite gelatinous, and small pieces of bone will come loose too. Feel with your bare fingers to avoid breaking your molar over a tiny piece of bone.

When making the game stock you used a piece of celeriac, so now you're stuck with the rest of the bulb. Celeriac happens to be an underestimated vegetable. Mostly it is used in salads, but try this to accompany the pepper sauce: Cut the celeriac into thick slices, cut these in triangles. Dip these in milk, then in flour, and fry them a golden brown in olive oil or butter. Sprinkle some salt over the celeriac.
For four persons.

Pepper Sauce with celeriac and mashed potatoesIngredients
400 gram (1 pound) cooked game meat
50 gram (2 ounces) bacon, chopped
1 onion, in halved slices
200 gram (3 cups) musrooms, sliced
1 decilitre (3 fl.oz) Madeira
2,5 decilitre (1 cup) concentrated game stock
40 gram (2 1/2 Tbsp.) butter
40 gram (1/3 cup) flour
pepper and salt to taste

Fry the bacon, add butter, then fry the sliced onion on very low fire for fifteen minutes. Add mushrooms, fry until the liquid from the mushrooms has evaporized. Pour the Madeira in the pan, let that also almost evaporize (to about one tablespoon of syrupy liquid). Add flour, stir well. Then add the heated concentrated game stock a little at the time. Keep stirring. Now add the cooked game meat that has been chopped small, let simmer for another fifteen minutes on a very low fire. Taste the sauce, then add pepper and salt and whatever you want, but taste it first!
Serve with mashed potatoes.

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